Academic Staff

ZAM02 Dr. Zulkurnain Abdul Malek

Professor / Director

Research interests: HV systems, overvoltage protection system & insulation co-ordination, measurement techniques, HV surge arresters, magnetic engineering.


ZB Dr. Zolkafle Buntat

Associate Professor / Deputy Director (Research, Networking and Commercialisation)

Research interests: Electrical discharges, ozone generation & application in industries i.e. water treatment, agriculture, medical treatment & food processing.


MAMP  Dr. Mohamed Afendi Mohamed Piah

Associate Professor / Head of Electrical Power Engineering Department

Research interests: High voltage insulation diagnostic & co-ordination, partial discharges & surface tracking phenomena, polymer insulating materials, insulator condition monitoring.


NAA Dr. Noor Azlinda Ahmad

Senior Lecturer / Deputy Director (Service, Consultancy and Training)

Research interests: Lightning Characterization, Electromagnetic Field & Radio Frequency Emission


ZA Dr. Zuraimy Adzis

Senior Lecturer / Head of Division (Lightning Research and Safety)

Research interests: EMC & EMI in High Voltage Systems, Lightning, Renewable Energy, Sustainability


MRME Dr. Mona Riza Mohd Esa

Senior Lecturer / Laboratory Head

Research interests:

Engineering science with specialization in atmospheric discharges, Electromagnetic field and lightning measurement, Signal processing specialization in temporal and wavelet characteristics of lightning flashes.



Ir. Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew

Senior Lecturer / Quality Manager (Calibration)

Research interests: High voltage engineering, Dielectric materials and renewable energy systems



Dr. Zulkarnain Ahmad Noorden

Senior Lecturer / Quality Manager (Testing)

Research interests: Energy storage technology (supercapacitor), Power equipment diagnosis & high voltage generation



Dr. Mohd Hafizi Ahmad

Senior Lecturer / Head of Division  (Discharges, Dielectrics and Diagnostics) 

Research interests: High voltage insulation, Mathematical modelling, partial discharge, Water treeing, and electrical treeing phenomenon in polymeric-based, Microcomposites and nanocomposites insulating materials.



Previous Academic Staff


Dato’ Prof. Dr. Ahmad Darus

Research interests: High voltage engineering, performance of GIS system, vacuum insulation, surges, field studies.

 Prof Hussein

Prof. Dr. Hussein Ahmad

Research interests: High voltage engineering, lightning protection and grounding systems.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Muhridza Yaacob

Research interests: High voltage & high current, lightning effect on low voltage system.

 NBU Dr. Nouruddeen Bashir Umar

Research interests: Insulation condition monitoring of power system equipment, New insulating materials for high voltage application, Renewable Energy

 MABS03 Dr. Muhammad Abu Bakar Sidik

Research interests: Lightning protection & grounding system, Insulation contamination, Application of micro-controller in high voltage engineering, Development of application software in high voltage engineering.

NAM Ir. Dr. Nor Asiah Muhamad

Research interests: Condition monitoring of electrical equipment (partial discharge, polarization & de-polarization current measurement & dissolved gas analysis methods), new insulation material assessment.


YZA Dr. Yanuar Zulardiansyah Arief

Research interests: Partial discharge diagnostic technique on dielectric, degradation mechanism of polymeric insulation material, nanocomposite material.