Promoting IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter

In conjunction with the 2016 IEEE 6th International Conference on Power and Energy (PECON) held from 28-29 November 2016 at Hatten Hotel Melaka, IVAT’s academic staff, Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew, who is also a committee member of the IEEE DEIS (Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society) Malaysia Chapter, set up a promotion booth for DEIS. The main objective for setting up the booth was to bring awareness to the public, especially those attending the conference, on the presence of the recently established IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter in Malaysia, and to promote activities relevant to DEIS.

IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter is one of IVAT’s networking channels in promoting high voltage engineering in Malaysia. In fact, one of IVAT research divisions, i.e., Discharges, Dielectrics and Diagnostics Division, has been set up with its field of interest aligned to that of DEIS, i.e., the study and application of dielectric phenomena and behavior and the development, characterization and application of all gaseous, liquid and solid electrical insulating materials and systems utilized in electrical and electronic equipment.

Through IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter, IVAT hopes to have close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its staff and other academic and industrial members. For more information about DEIS, please visit: (IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter) (IEEE DEIS)

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Dr. Lau (left) at the IEEE DEIS Malaysia Chapter’s promotion booth during PECON 2016

by Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew