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High voltage research and development activities continue to prosper in Malaysia due to rapid urbanisation across the country. Each year, an enormous amount of expenditure is allocated for the development of high voltage infrastructure and its relevant expertise to ensure its sustainability. This indirectly leads to an increasing number of players, both at the university and industry levels. While this certainly brings positive impact to the field of high voltage engineering, it can, sometimes, be difficult for interested parties to approach the right experts in a specific high voltage related area, e.g., lightning protection, condition monitoring and diagnosis, and insulation design. Consequently, more effective research and development activities related to high voltage engineering may have been hindered.

To address the above issue, the possibility of setting up an informal networking group relevant to high voltage engineering has been looked into. This leads to the idea of the establishment of Malaysian High Voltage Network (MyHVnet) in 2014. MyHVnet will hopefully serve as a “one-stop” platform for members from various organisations (universities and industries) across Malaysia for the effective communication of high voltage related research and development.

The main objectives of the establishment of MyHVnet are:

i) To serve as a platform for the discussion of high voltage related research and development among member organisations.

ii) To raise the awareness of the research and development capabilities of member organisations to high voltage related industries.

iii) To lobby for high voltage related research funding.

MyHVnet meetingA photo session during MyHVnet meeting.