Laboratory Induction Session by Institute of High Voltage and High Current

On 24 October 2017, the Institute of High Voltage and High Current (IVAT) organised a laboratory induction session for its undergraduate and postgraduate students needing access to the high voltage laboratory.

In line with UTM’s aspiration to have a safe and healthy workspace for its students, the 2-hour induction session intended to raise the awareness of the students on safety, health and environmental issues when carrying out their works in the high voltage laboratory. These include the need to obtain the necessary permission prior to accessing the laboratory, take appropriate measures to prevent hazards in the laboratory, use appropriate personal protective equipment for different tasks, and understand emergency response procedures.

Through the induction session, the Director of IVAT, Professor Dr. Zulkurnain Abdul Malek, hopes that issues related to safety and health in the laboratory can be appropriately addressed to and practised by the students.

IVAT Induction 1

IVAT’s Director, Professor Dr. Zulkurnain, delivering his speech.

IVAT Induction 2

IVAT’s Laboratory Head, Ir. Dr. Lau, briefing on the importance of safety and health.

IVAT Induction 3

IVAT’s Assistant Engineer, Mr. Zamri, explaining on the health and safety procedures.


By Ir. Dr. Lau Kwan Yiew, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.