Insulation Test Digital Insulation Tester Kyoritsu 3125   Measure insulation resistance
15Kv Impulse Test System  Impulse 15kV Kit Tester  Haefely Psurge 30.2  Lightning Waveform Generator
Partial Discharge Controller Partial Discharge Detectors Haefely PSZ250 System with  DDX 9101 Display  Detect partial Discharge
AC Divider AC/DC Divider  Haefely Measuring System

AC : 100kV / DC : 140kV

  Measure AC/DC voltage
AC 250 kV  250kV AC System Haefely PSZ250 System

AC : 250kV

  Measure AC voltage until 250kV & to detect partial discharge

Withstand AC until 250kV

Le Cory Oscilloscope  Oscilloscope LeCroy Wavejet  Display & capture waveform until 4 input
Digital multimeter Fluke Digital Precision Multi meter FLUKE 8845A

AC : 750v / DC : 1000v

  Measure & Display AC/DC voltage
RCZ 500 AC/DC/Impulse Divider Haefely RCZ 500   Measure AC/DC/Impulse until 500kV
AC/DC Haefely 100kV Kit  AC/DC/Impulse Kit Haefely AC/DC/Impulse Kit

AC : 100kV / DC : 140kV

Impulse : 140kV

Breakdown AC/DC

Withstand AC/DC


 Baur AC/DC HV Portable Test Set  BAUR PGK 110 HB

 Breakdown AC/DC

Withstand AC/DC

lightning measurement system Lightning measurement system

Parallel plate antenna, LeCroy HD 4096 oscilloscope, Picoscope 5244B and computer

Measure lightning generated electric field

Vacuum Oven
Vacuum Oven
 To vacuum dry samples
Hydralic Press
Hydraulic Laboratory Press
To prepare thermoplastic samples
Carbolite Gero
To heat samples at high temperatures
Digital Balance
Digital Balance
For weighing purposes